Syncom Data, the main alias of Raoul de Vries and Jan Katsma, have been around since the mid 90s in the electronic music scene of The Hague and Rotterdam. Originally starting out on Bunker Records, they debuted with their own label SD Records in 2004 with the release of proto-Westcoast techno stomper Den Haag. With their label SD Records they have released a strong output by artists like Tolouse Low Trax, Mark du Mosch, Ovatow, Shitcluster, Roswell Return, Unit Moebius Anonymous, Shitcluster, Duracel, Mystica Tribe and more. Musically the label ranges from deep dub, dirty techno, stompin’ electro to spacey ambient and out-there electronix. They run two other labels: Tour Messier and Den Haag. Tour Messier being an exploration into non-dancefloor territory, focused on an intimite relation with the listener and Den Haag delving deeper into the Westcoast electro sound. Syncom Data as a DJ duo is a broad experience of wide ranging musical styles: from slow italoburners, jacking Chicago, booming electro to fullspeed techno, deep housey vibes and screaming disco. In an eclectic and deeply musical mix, in which their love for great music booms out of the sound system, they explore a wide range of genres, blending them together in full throttle party style. Expect Syncom Data as a live-act to deliver a strong, pumping techno set with hints of acid, electro and dubby vibes.


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